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Energy • Innovation • Focus
• Our CEO desires to make companies’ biggest goals a reality.
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• Successful startups focus on delivering an unfulfilled market demand.
• The faster a reliable solution is available the better.
• The Same reason and attitude that makes Sprint software development superior to Traditional Waterfall is why Startups can beat out what’s currently in the marketplace.

Start Up 4

• Narrow highly impactful focus.
• Rapid all hands on deck importance.
• Quality and Testing are integrated into the full product life cycle.
• The team continually enhances existing features or add new features once the initial product is released.

Appealing Attributes:
• Attracts highly engaged individuals who are passionate about the companies’ new product or service.
• Aligns with younger individuals who seek roles and companies that match their professional desires and interest.
Double Edge Sword:
• Typically, these individuals are heavily engaged for 1.3 to 3 years. The time it takes for their passion to become a reality.
• After the innovation becomes a standard. They’re already seeking out and researching their next passion.
• Once they find it that becomes their focus and they move on to a new role or new company.
• We promote factoring this reality in your mid-term and long-term strategies.
Shared Benefits of Working with Funded Start Ups:
• C-Level sponsored projects directly benefit core company objectives.
• Adherence to tried and true PMP methodologies insures project success and doing it right the first time.
• We share in feeling the passion and stoking the fire, while leveraging over 11 Years of Fortune 500 experience.
• We also understand that Start Ups have a tight budget. For this reason, our Pre-Kick Off PMP Services are all fixed cost.

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